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A Step Ahead: Total Process Control

 TorWave is a new technology that changes the process industry landscape,  delivering microwave energy with precision.  Built on hundreds of sales of proven industrial equipment, TorWave combines Torftech's expertise in the TORBED processor and the microwave engineering skills of the University of Nottingham. TorWave offers a processing revolution by enabling large scale, high temperature, and reliable industrial microwave processing.

Taking the benefits of microwave energy to industry

We understand the difficulties of industrial microwave processing, so TorWave has been designed from the ground up with a focus on creating a robust, scalable, and flexible system. It can operate continuously and at high temperature with no issues from materials of construction.

Superior Control

TorWave offers unparalleled control of process temperature, with total precision on the thermal gradient in your product.

Specific Heating

Harnessing the volumetric and selective heating capabilities of microwave energy, TorWave combines this with conventional heating to match your process requirements.


A scalable processor with the combination of conventional and microwave heating, TorWave can be tuned to a wide range of processes, such as specialist drying, roasting and pyrolysis.

Robust Design

Engineered by an experienced team that understands microwave energy and the process industries, TorWave is designed with a focus on implementation in the real world.

Wavy Abstract Background

Engineered with Experience

TorWave was engineered out of a collaboration between Torftech R&D Ltd. and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham, bringing together two groups deeply involved with process intensification.

Torftech have installed over 200 TORBED processors since 1983, and have worked with all manner of demanding processes with a wide range of challenging conditions.

The Microwave Process Engineering group at the University of Nottingham are world leaders in applying microwave energy to processes, and have designed several of the highest throughput microwave processing systems ever constructed.

Together we have designed a system where particles are thoroughly mixed as they move rapidly through areas of well-defined and concentrated microwave energy. This unlocks ultra-rapid and controlled heating in a high temperature, reliable, and scalable processor. This offers microwave processing to industry like never before.


Sam Kingman FREng,     Pro-Vice-Chancellor
University of Nottingham 

By combining industry experience and academic expertise, we have developed a technology that can revolutionise the process industries.

martin groszek.jpg

Martin Groszek, Managing Director
Torftech R&D Ltd.

TorWave represents the next step for the TORBED technology, enhancing our capabilities and our offer to industry


Chris Dodds, Head of Chemical Engineering
University of Nottingham

TorWave is absolutely unique in the marketplace,  offering unmatched levels of process control and microwave selectivity. It is a robust system capable of operation at very high temperatures’

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