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What technical benefits does the TorWave offer?

Thermal Process Control

The combination of conventional and microwave heating offers many possibilities. It unlocks new process areas where pre-heat is required and gives total control  over the process conditions of a batch of material, as well as the thermal gradient in each individual particle. The gas stream can cool as well as heat, preventing thermal runaway and allowing 'heating whilst cooling', enabling processing of novel products.

Flexible and Scalable Processing

TorWave is based on the TORBED technology, with acceptance of a wide range of particle types and sizes, gas stream make-ups, process conditions and materials of construction. TorWave can be adapted to suit processes at any scale, from a few kilograms an hour, to many tonnes.

Robust Design

A highly engineered design, built intrinsically with no moving parts to avoid the common pitfalls of microwave processing. TorWave gives homogenous heating, unparalleled process control, reliable product mixing, and an ability to operate at temperatures above 250 degrees Celsius.

Unique Process Capabilities

The combination of technology and design that defines the TorWave gives opportunities for processes and products that have never been possible before. With a team that has decades of process experience behind them, please get in touch to find out what TorWave could do for your industry.

T400 Assembly_tif (002).png

Our Pilot System

The TorWave has progressed beyond the drawing board.  A pilot plant has been installed in the University of Nottingham laboratories. Designed initially as a prototype, it has been upgraded as a scaled down version of an industrial sized (100kW of microwave power) unit.


The pilot plant can be used to test a broad range of materials and understand the impact of microwave energy in intensification of existing processes and how it unlocks innovative new products and processes.

The pilot plant is available for testing, so we can see what the TorWave technology can do for your process.

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